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Welcome to the Microbe website. This site contains material that supplements the book. It has two main purposes:

  • To amplify your learning experience by providing source material, e.g., review articles and original papers
  • To illustrate various points via illustrations, animations, and short video clips 

First, select the chapter; then, click on the link next to the number corresponding to the numbered icon in your textbook.

     We will update these web links as needed. Please be patient if some are not easily accessible. Websites are notoriously fickle. Please let us know of any problem that you experience or any comment that you would like to share with us. Some of the links are to journal articles and may require subscriptions. Check with your institution's library to determine their availability.

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The BrainX Digital Tutoring System is an online study guide for Microbe. Your BrainX Digital Tutor will create a custom study experience for you for each chapter in the textbook. Your Personal Digital Tutor uses a new system of quizzing that is based on recent accelerated-learning research. It can help you master the information in each chapter. To log on, set up a personal account, and start studying, go to http://www.brainx.com/learner/login.aspx. The first time you log on, you will need the pass code printed on the inside front cover of your textbook. You may wish to bookmark the electronic study guide URL for easy access.

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